Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Remodel - We Are Going at Lightning Speed!

The remodel is going FAST...well at least we were able to check off a bunch on our punch list the last couple days. It feels great to do that! Here is a video of the progress so far. 


How to Treat Hot Spots On Dogs

So recently our sweet boxer developed a hot spot under her ear. My husband was giving her her weekly flea bath and noticed that she has a sore about 3 inches in diameter under her ear. He panicked at first and called me over to look. It of course looked horrible with the hair matted in the puss and blood. I calmed him down and let him know its a hot spot. Unfortunately no matter how well you care for your dog, and we do, they can develop them. The normal suspects are fleas and ticks. Think of a bug bite that you get on your skin and if you don't do anything with it you just keep scratching and scratching and eventually you break the skin and it becomes a gross looking sore. Well its a little different for dogs since they have the hair on their body so it can trap dirt making it a higher risk to develop infection. Usually they occur in the summer time. We bath her weekly since she gets FILTHY in my husbands shop! She gets grease and saw dust and all kinds of stuff on her. So we bath her with a special shampoo weekly to keep her clean and also during the summer its a nice treat for her to have a cool bath. It sort of developed rather quickly...since we see her every day and pet her every day. I knew if they are caught soon enough and there is no muscle showing you can care for them at home. But unfortunately I had no idea how to do it. So I got on Google and started searching. There was a whole bunch of information on how to do it, but I was looking for something simple...something with not so many steps and in all honesty I knew that A: You had to stop the itching B: Heal the wound and there really is no need to do a bunch of stuff to achieve both of those. Some were recommending that you shave the wound and around the wound to remove the hair....lets just say that my sweet precious Boxer who laid near a baby bird that fell out of a tree to keep it company and even nosed it to a shade spot until its momma came to it...almost BIT ME when I came at her with clippers! So that was out of the question! Also if your dog has short hair like mine they may not need to be shaved at all! At the conclusion of the search I decided to go the route of cleaning it with a mild soap, dry it, rinse it with peroxide, an anti itch spray - and add a topical antiseptic. I decided to do a 2 times a day treatment until it cleared up. So here is exactly how I did it and what I used:

*Cetephil Bar Soap - I chose the antibacterial bar since that's what we use in our house already, this is a wonderful mild soap and its unscented! Try to avoid perfumes since this can irritate it even more!
*2 wash rags
*Hydrogen Peroxide
*Cup of clean cool water
*Cup of clean warm water
*An anti itch or itch calming spray for dogs.- we got ours from Walmart, sometimes they are advertised as an oatmeal calming spray in other stores. Avoid things that you would use on yourself like a cortisone spray or cream. These are not made for animals and they can lick their the coat and ingest it. So make sure you get something specially made for animals!

First step- (Make sure to wash your hands or wear gloves.) wet down one of the rags with the warm water and rub it on the bar of soap, then clean the wound really well, honestly she didn't flinch at this at all! The goal is to remove as much of the dry puss and dirt as possible. It may take a couple of passes to get it good and clean. Dont be afraid to rub either! The hair can trap lots of stuff so it NEEDS to be cleaned well!
Second step- take the cup of clean cool water and rinse the wound off
Third step - take the other rag and pat the wound dry
Fourth step- pour some hydrogen peroxide on the can also apply with a cotton ball, but honestly when you are holding a dog with one hand and you only have one free pouring it slowly on the wound is WAY easier.
Fifth Step- Apply the neosporn - I only had to do this for the first 2 days. Since you want the wound to be dry don't use it for too long since it can keep the wound moist and can actually cause the dirt and grim to stick to the wound. 
Sixth Step - Spray the dog with the anti-itch spray all over


Monday, July 15, 2013

Remodel - A gift from my father-in-law

In a previous post I showed a table that my father-in-law built and gave to us to have. Well we also had a wedding present coming too. Mind you we've been married for 8 and a half years it was a tad over due. Ha ha! So about 7 months ago we were on our way to pushing forward with a force the remodel, also when we found out we were expecting, we had just purchased a king size bed and all was coming together. My father-in-law was told by my husband that we got a king bed. Low and behold my father-in-law decided that it was time to start building our bed since we were going to have a new room to put it in. This is amazing since he doesn't particularly like building king beds since many of the proportions can look very odd with the design. it has to be done in a way that complements the size rather than the size taking over. I will say I won him over since I basically begged him to make it a king and not a queen. We were not expecting to downsize...since once you go king you NEVER go back!!! So we went to the "drawing board" and I decided I wanted something art deco, modern, with a tiny traditional twist. Now if you know me I am not a frilly girl by any means. The overall design of our home is modern vintage and an ode to art deco here and there. I love traditional design and I appreciate its elegance and especially the work that goes into traditional design. I knew that a traditional post bed would not work well in our overall design in our home. Since a king size post bed makes a HUGE statement in a room, I knew it had to be something different and I could throw in my twist here and there. I decided from that point on I would not see any progress or drawings of the bed. I wanted to be completely surprised. See, I am aware that he is completely equipped to make anything amazing and my opinion would be nothing in comparison to his amazing skills! Honestly when it comes to having any artist do something for you and I am an artist myself you should let them do what they do best! So I decided to only be there for the first draft and we could all establish the basic of what we wanted and let him do his "thang". It was VERY hard to not to peek, since they live next door and at any time I could have gone into his shop. But I was able to keep myself restrained! My husband however saw it many times since my father-in-law would ask him questions here and there about some changes he made and of course my husband visits him often in the shop and saw it. It is made of cherry wood and if you know anything about wood you know that cherry over time turns darker. In fact we have a cherry table that was built for us by a friend as a wedding present (it was given to us the week after we got married...ha ha ha!) and it has turned this lovely dark cherry color. So although it is a bit lighter now it will slowly darken. I am so in love with this bed! Here is a video on it!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Remodel - Say goodby to our old kitchen

The time came to say goodby to our old kitchen. I must admit it is bittersweet. I have vivid memories of eating a pizza with paper plates and beer with my new husband in our new kitchen the very first night we stayed here. We didn't have the electricity hooked up to the house yet other than a power cord that allowed us to run some fans and some lights. It was the kitchen that he built for us...BUT now we are moving on to new memories. We will be reusing the old cabinets too! I cant wait to prepare our first meal in our new kitchen with our little girl in my belly. Hopefully it will be done before she arrives...a little over 2 months and counting!! Well here is a tour of our old kitchen. :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Remodel- Our beautiful coffered ceiling!!

We decided that the best most efficient way to build our ceiling was to assemble the boxes below, paint them with one coat of paint, then put them up with the frame sections, and lastly caulk and spray another coat of paint. All in all...the process of a coffered ceiling is NOT EASY no matter how you do it. However we found this to be a tad easier, especially since you have to put trim in each piece...lets just say doing that in each box 12 ft up is not desirable. Also one tip I can recommend highly is to rent or borrow a sprayer for painting! This will save your body from hours of painting with a brush or roller and also it gives a nice even smooth finish! Its worth the investment! Another tip, when spraying inside the house tape off and place plastic on the walls! This is a good idea since trim paint is a more glossy finish as compared to the typical egg shell finish of wall paint. When you paint egg shell finish on top of the glossy finish of trim paint you will see it. So go ahead and take the time to prep your surfaces. We spent about 30 min total taping off and hanging plastic on the walls. It was WORTH IT!!! So here are our progress videos on it. :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Remodel - Mini tour

We completed the tile!!! LOTS OF TILE!!! We chose a wood floor tile, in Black Walnut. Its basically a ceramic tile made to look like wood. There are variations of what it looks like and in price. I LOVE the look of it! Its exactly what I had envisioned. Here is a mini tour of the progress.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Salvage Yard Haul!!!

There are so many benefits to buying used or slightly damaged home items. First off you save TONS of money and second if your crafty and have the know how you can fix it! So here is a video of our purchases and a little more information too. Have you ever purchased used or slightly damaged items?